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Windows of Nature Photography

Brent Coulter


About Us

Windows of Nature Photography


After practicing photography as a hobby for over twenty-five years, it has been in the past eight years that Brent Coulter has become "serious" and developed his "mind's eye" with respect to his nature scape photographs.  Originally from Kansas, Brent has been a Colorado

resident since 1995.  It has long been his goal to capture the soul of the American West and bring these places into peoples homes. Brent's patience and ability to frame his shots capture nature in its most colorful and resplendent poses and has earned him many awards. Brent's work can be seen on calendars and post cards, in books and magazines.

A "serious hobbyist" for more than 20 years, Jennifer Coulter recently joined her husband in photographing the American landscape.  She possess' exceptional compositional skills and is focused on creating images that convey the beauty and drama of the scene in front of her.  A native of Denver, Colorado, Jennifer's hobbies include quilting and caring for their dogs Aztec and Madison.  

In January 2020 Brent & Jennifer moved with their two dogs to the Phoenix, Arizona area. There they'll spend 12 to 18 months photographing the Sonoran Desert and exhibiting their artwork at the finest art shows in the area. 

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